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Air duct sanitizing is an additional service for Air Duct Cleaning. After cleaning the ductwork we apply a sanitizer. Our technicians use a fogger to apply the sanitizer and because the ducts are already connected to a negative air pressure system, the sanitizer coats the entire interior of the duct system. There is no lingering scent and is safe to use.

Is sanitizing different than cleaning?


Sanitizing disinfects and deodorizes the ductwork, while cleaning involves only removing the debris and dust in your ductwork.

Sanitizing kills any mold or mildew hiding inside your ducts and also prohibits bacterial, viral, and fungal growth for approximately six months after being applied.

The best times to use sanitization is when first moving into a new home and during the winter months.

Reducing mold and mildew will greatly improve the air quality for individauls with wekened immune systems, new babies or someone with allergies or asthma.

How often should you sanitize?

Families with members that suffer from allergies or asthma should have their ducts sanitizied more frequetly. If a flood or mosture enters your duct system, that’s a great time to sanitize as well. Each house holds needs are different.

Should I get my ducts sanitized?

Yes! A healthy home needs air duct sanitizing!

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