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Dryer vent cleaning is recommended annually and more often for large families or if you have pets to prevent dryer fires, carbon monoxide poisoning and to ensure your dryer is operating efficiently to reduce energy bills. The cost of this service is very little compared to the loss of your home or your life. Have your dryer vent cleaned to avoid the following SIX DANGERS.

Vent firers

In time, lint that sneaks past your clothes dryer’s filter collects both in the dryer cabinet and in the dryer vent. As lint build up continues, over-heating can occur, leading to dryer vent fires, which blocks the flow of air and quickly ignites a fire.

“Dryer lint has a high flash point, meaning it ignites easily even at low temperatures.


When the vent is clogged, air flow is completely blocked, allowing dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into your home. The best way to deal with carbon monoxide poising is to prevent it in the first place. A dryer vent should be professionally cleaned and inspected. A professional will clean everything out to ensure their is proper air flow, so you can avoid a potential fatal occurrence before its to late.

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew grow were their is moisture, and a dryer vent sends plenty of moisture into the air. Your dryer may be in the basement or in the middle of your home, but regardless of the location, mold spores get into the air and expose you and your family to a toxic environment. Dangers of mold include breathing problems, stuffiness and skin irritation. The best way to prevent this is to stop it in the first place by cleaning your dryer vent.

Avoiding Services

Many people who avoid having their dryer vent cleaned don’t realize the importance until it’s to late. Your utility bill can go as high as $40 a month higher, your dryer’s heating elements can brake costing you up to $300 to replace, you are also wasting your own valuable time. You can potentially have a dryer fire. Don’t gamble with your life or at the cost of losing your home, by getting your dryer vent cleaned every year.


A dryer’s clogged vent can send lint back into the air, this can trigger allergies and cause breathing difficulties, especially for people with asthma and other repertory problems. Respiratory problems are likely to affect the elderly and infants, more than healthy adults, making it even more important to properly clean the dryer vent.

Dangerously limited response time

When a dryer vent starts a fire, it can be mere minutes before it is fully engulfed in flames. Dryers have a fan, witch would cause a fire to spread easier and spread faster than most people might think, once ignition occurs. Most of these fires spread fast if the dryer is not turned off. National Fire Protection Agency ‘s revealed the dangerous caused by a quickly spreading fire more than 20 people die and $97 million in property damage doe to dryer fires each year. Don’t procrastinate clean your dryer vents every year. Don’t let your home be a statistic.

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